Remember, we always strive to make things easy and smooth for you and that’s why we always offer some services for you which you want and will definitely like.

And one of them is our Free Blog Setup and we’ll be explaining how this whole process works and how you can take advantage of it.

Keep calm and read on…! 😁

If you need a WordPress blog just like every other blogs you see online, then you’re at the right place.

We offer free blog setup and this is how we works.

To qualify for our free blog setup, you will need to purchase your WordPress hosting (comes with free domain and SSL hosting) at via our affiliate link.

After that, we will take over and setup your WordPress blog.

If you purchase your WordPress hosting via our affiliate link, bluehost will pay us small commission and that’s why in turn, we will setup your blog for free without additional charges.

How to Get Started

1. Go-to (affiliate link) and click on “get started“.

free blog setup

2. Select the basic plan or any other plan you want.

free wordpress blog setup

3. Enter your choice of domain and continue

free blog setup

4. Enter your personal details and choose your plan duration, for 3 years plan, the price is reduced.

free blog setup

5. For the package extras, select only domain privacy and protection and leave the rest, deselect them.

free blog setup

6. Enter your card details and make payment and you’re done!

free blog setup

What’s Next?

After successfully making your purchase, then email us the domain name you used for the purchase and we will confirm and start with your blog. For every affiliate commission, bluehost also informs us of the domain name, so, that’s how we will confirm.

Contact us here if you’ve purchased the hosting and we will get you started!

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